Danielle shares early sales career advice and how she brings value to her customers.


Early Career Advice

“You’re persistent but not a pain to talk to”. Danielle Silva (Capital Advisors Group) said this was one of the best compliments she has ever gotten as a sales rep. It’s a fine line to walk as a sales rep, reaching to customers but avoid being annoying. To do this right, there are a few critical factors at play here: 

1) Are you providing value in your outreaches or are you “just checking in?” 

2) How frequently are you engaging? 

3) Are you ALWAYS engaging through one communication channel? Or you hitting email/social/phone call/text/etc?

As sales reps, we like to think we are adding value, but would our customer consider us to be an extension of their team? That’s the mindset Danielle takes on with her customers.


Building Rapport

She builds a trusted relationship and helps her customers in any way she can.

Even if it’s with a product or service that her company doesn’t even offer.  This idea of being seen as “an extension of the team” really helps qualify how much value you are delivering to your customer.

This is similar to the idea of being a “trusted advisor” but takes it to a new level. 

Since I’ve had lunch with Danielle, I put myself to the test by asking, am I trusted advisor to this company? Sure, I like to think so. Am I seen as an extension of their team? Hmm…. probably not, I think I still need to provide more value.


Authenticity in Sales

How much of your “you-ness” do you bring to your job? 
Danielle and I agreed that when we were younger, we felt like we had to act very serious and “professional”.

Now Danielle says she lets more of her personality shine through and that her customers really appreciate the authenticity. They notice the transparency and it helps form stronger relationships. Maybe it’s always been this way but it seems like there is a lot more emphasis on being yourself then what I first started my career.

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