“Sales and Marketing Leveragement”(sic) and “Compensation for Desired Outcomes”. Those were my two biggest takeaways from the B2BMX conference this week.

Jared Jost and Kevin Dorsey shared how the sales and marketing team at PatientPop Inc. come together to maximize each other’s strengths.

Sales and marketing coming together to compliment each others strengths. Marketing has done the research on what terms to use, images to imbed, and stats to show what interests prospects. Sales can share back with marketing what is resonating with the prospects.

The best way to capture their view of your offering… is to ask them! Ask your existing customers these questions on why they bought. You can use this in your prospecting.

Jake Dunlap talked about the challenges we’ve created for ourselves by having our customers navigate through handoffs between SDR, AE, and Customer Success. We are doing our customers a disservice with the way we “hand them off”.

As a manager the best way to solve this is by aligning compensation and creating a free flow of information. If you comp BDRs to create meetings or Opportunities, you’ll get any and every account to be pushed through the funnel.

By making part of compensation based on closed deals, you’ll incentive better behavior. Same thing with AE’s getting compensated on the renewal.

The second part to doing this effectively is to collect engagement information as customers move through these handoffs. Doesn’t matter if it’s BANT, MEDDIC, or whatever sales methodology you’re using. Align on what information needs to be captured to be successful in each stage and manage towards that.

Kudos to the FlipMyFunnel, Demand Gen Report, and RevTalks team for putting on an amazing show at the beautiful new Encore Boston Harbor.