Would your cold email stand up to the scrutiny of some of the best sales leaders?

Probably not.

No worries, mine wouldn’t have either.

That’s why I got so much out the “Rate My Pitch” event expertly ran by Rishi Mathur and featured Ryan O’Hara, Ashley Welch, Nick Casale, and John Barrows.

My top 3 takeaways from the event were:

Email Like You Talk In Real Life

  Ever catch yourself writing in your email voice? You know the when where things like “in regards to” or “per our last conversation”. Have you ever said any of those things IRL (in real life)?

Can you imagine at a restaurant saying to the waiter, “In regards to dinner, I’ll have the steak” and “Per our last conversation, please cook mine medium-rare”.

Me either. I think it’s great advice to email like you would talk at a tradeshow floor, elevator, or social gathering.


Put Your Personality Into Your Emails

Are you exactly like you colleagues?  Of course not!

So why should your email look exactly like theirs? They shouldn’t! 

Most of the panel was agreeing that you should follow the 80/20 rule.  80% of the email content can stay the same and 20% should be personalized.  Beyond making it specific TO the customer, make it specifically FROM you!

You are building a relationship.  Don’t be afraid to let them know who you are.


Use People’s Names In Your Customer Stories

People buy from people.

INITECH didn’t contract professional consultants. 

It was management visionary Bill Lumbergh who noticed an inefficient process where the engineers weren’t able to directly interface with customers and saw it impacting his ability to update their code line for Y2K!  Adding the personal details makes the story more interesting and compelling.  Otherwise, it comes across like seemingly less like a short sentence you memorized.


Great job by the brave souls who shared their emails and to the panel of experts helping us all get better!