Liz talks about how Sales Enablement has evolved over the year and shares what she’s learned along the way.

Getting Reps to ‘Be Field Ready’.


Liz Pulice’s key to driving strategic sales enablement initiatives and getting reps ‘Field Ready’ at Brainshark can be broken down as Collect Data, Drive Change,  Make it Scale

COLLECT DATA. Chances are your sales teams and engaging with several different systems. Use this information to get a better understanding of rep behavior.

DRIVE CHANGE. Work with Sales Managers to understand what their top priorities are. Figure out how what data you need to measure to see changes in behavior.

MAKE IT SCALE. Analyze and share your findings. Learn what’s been working and continue to refine your approach.

Sales Managers as the Customer

“Buy-in from the frontline manager makes all the difference in the success of a program the sales enablement team runs” – Liz Pulice

Liz said this is the number one thing she would tell herself if she was new to sales enablement. Lucky for you, she’s awesome enough to share these insights with you all here!

As Liz puts it, that frontline manager is the customer. They have a vision of what needs to be accomplished and you have to help them achieve that goal.

The better aligned you can be on the vision, the more likely they’ll be able to help drive their sellers to act.


Ensuring Content Hits The Mark

How do you know if your sales enablement content is hitting the mark? You need a solid feedback loop.

Elizabeth Pulice talks about how she and the Brainshark team have the technology in place to see:

WHAT reps are consuming

WHO they are sharing it with… and

WHEN they are sharing it

If you don’t have this technology in place?

Do things manually. Work with your reps, have them present back to you what they are taking away from the content.

Use this feedback to continuously improve your sales enablement content.

This blog post was based on a lunch interview, you can see clips from that event here: