This one question will improve your win rates.

Who can say ‘no’?

One of my advisors said this to me and I was embarrassed because I didn’t know the answer. It struck a chord with me because I knew why I didn’t know the answer. I didn’t want to know!

People are wired to avoid pain. And sales reps are no different.

We are wired to avoid pain

It’s much more pleasant and exciting to speak with the Champion.

Your champion is your biggest fan. We love our champions!


You love the champion, they are your biggest fan. They believe in your solution. They want your solution and are willing to put their neck on the line to help get the deal done.

Cheers to all the champions out there!


It’s much more enjoyable to speak with or seek out the Economic Buyer.

The Economic Buyer holds power. Don\'t get tunnel vision trying to find the EB.

This person has the most power and could be the ultimate decision-maker. They hold the rubber stamp, sign the check, help get you paid!

It’s easy to have tunnel vision in pursuit of the almighty economic buyer.

“Avoiding pain” early on in the sales cycle can lead to a great deal of pain at the end.

Find out who can say ‘no’.

The person who can say \'no\' might not be directly related to your deal.

There is always a person who can say NO to your solution or service. Ask your champion or primary contact this once you understand the problem you are solving and the potential solution. The earlier you make the ask, the more open you’ll find their response.

If your champion isn’t sure, take a minute and think, what groups does your offering touch? Who else is involved in the end-to-end process?

“Person No” might be a part of a different team or work in another department. Like identifying the competition, just because you haven’t heard it come up doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Don’t confuse “Person No” with being a blocker. They aren’t. At least, not yet. They might become a blocker if you don’t proactively reach out to them to understand their needs and concerns.

Ask the question. Uncover this opportunity blind spot.

Uncover your opportunity blind spots

Do you need help remembering this tip amongst all the other things you are trying to keep straight in your mind? Check out Noted Analytics.

You can use assists to help call out missing details in your opportunity like, “Who can say no?“, right where you take your notes.

Noted Analytics show you opportunity blindspots right where you take your notes.

Getting ahead of possible objections is the surest past to accelerating your sales cycles and increasing your win rates.

So, think about your deals, who can say ‘no’?