What are you looking for in a gong call?


There is tone and then there is body language, but outside of that, should the remaining not already be in salesforce? 


The framework for an opportunity is outlined (HERE for Medpicc and HERE for GAP) but this should be your playbook for every opportunity in your pipeline.

After an opportunity enters the pipeline we are going to focus on scoring the quality of the opportunity, we are going to use that score to schedule a forecast that is rational based on the information provided and we can reference the recording if we absolutely need to, but I would speculate that most teams are listening to calls to gather information, not read the room. 


Scoring the data against your framework is going to do 3 main things:


First of all, its going to make sure your team is using it, sales organizations that have a single consistent method to operate from outperform those who don’t by 12-25% 


Second its going to make sure the opportunity actually has a strong business problem. We are so distracted right now by happy ears as sellers we are going to focus exclusively on the size of the business problem. If the business will burn to the ground by the end of the year – thatll close. If they business would like to improve the process to save 10 minutes a day which equals some stupid number by the end of the year – thatll probably get tied up and not close as quickly as you would hope. 


Finally, we are checking the forecast. Too often the Csuite is making decisions based on “awaiting management approval” but that does not give us an accurate picture of what is going to close. Internally we have found that any deal scored over 77 has a 3x more likely chance of closing, which means when our CRO sits down to review the quarter we can actively compare the scoring data against the forecast. 


On average deals are requiring 11 signatures to close this year, which means we have to take the time to position every single opportunity for a slam dunk. If you find the only way to get the information about a deal is to spend an hour reviewing a Gong call, you are just not going to survive sales going forward.